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Corsage trying on the Web

Corsage trying on the Web

You can try on over 130 corsages. You will surely find your favorite corsage. Also here is the list of products.

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Until the corsage is completed

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FDK boasted corsage is partly introduced!

More than 130 kinds from line "cute corsage" perfect for children of nursery school and kindergarten of 100 yen range, "gorgeous corsage" for students, teachers, adults!
  • №1 Mino Rose 5colors

    コサージュミニバラ 保育園 小学生に

    A classic miniature rose. Even though it is reasonable but firm. Soft touch is also appealing.

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  • №7 Prim

    コサージュプリム 幼稚園 小学生 中学生に

    You can arrange yourself by using two kinds of fabrics with different colors.

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  • №33 Pastel

    コサージュパステル 園児 児童 生徒 先生に

    Popular with light colors, bouquet-like corsage. The whole ceremony garden will be gorgeous.

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  • Chest corsage

    胸章コサージュ 卒園 園児

    "Chest corsage" with sauce of "red and white" suitable for celebration. There are 8 kinds.

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  • №AN-3 Animal dog Corsage

    コサージュ動物 園児 保育園 幼稚園

    Animal corsage for children. There are also 5 cats, rabbits, lions and so on corasge.

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  • №A Diamonds for production

    製作用コサージュキット 手作り 園児 卒園

    From a student to a graduate. From parent to child. Corsage handmade making kit.

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  • №19 Modern Purple Corsage

    コサージュモダン 高校生 先生 大人

    A gorgeous large corsage studded with gold. Also recommended for the teacher.。

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  • №112 Preserved Flower Corsage

    プリザーブド コサージュ

    Corsage with preserved flowers of fresh flowers. There are two other types. Also to the teacher.

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  • May 14, 2018 ... Thank you very much for your inquiries about the corsage. In response to your request, we will schedule the nursery schools, kindergartens and school corsages & price lists for the current fiscal year to be published in advance on the homepage around July. Please wait just a little. (The paper catalog will be delivered around September)
  • April 16, 2018 ... We will deliver the corsage catalog from August to October to educational facilities nationwide. Please wait for a while.
  • April 4,2018 ... We will renew our website step by step. It is due to be completed by May 31.
  • April 5,2018 ... The order of manufacture and delivery of the order item can now be checked on the homepage (order·status)

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